Rapsel has long been known inside the Architect and Designer industry for fostering the best talent among a Who’s Who of international custom designers working with ecological materials and high-technology finishes and veneers.


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NEW YORK – APRIL 2009 – RAPSEL, the innovative luxury sanitary company based in Milan, is pleased to be recognized in the international design world as the first to master the invisible bath environment concept with the debut in North America of “Il Bagno Non C’e” designed by famed architect Matteo Thun. Rapsel products are distributed in North America exclusively through AF New York, with new satellite showrooms located in Miami at Avant Gallery, Boston-area Zolotas Peabody and Horse Feathers Home in Toronto, Canada. More information is available via http://www.rapsel.it.

The Invisible Bath, a combination of transparent basin, toilet and shower manufactured in sustainable larch wood atop stone and porcelain, creates a ‘floating bath world aesthetic’ and sensibility that foresees all amenities naturally receding into an interior that is as soothing as it is sanitary. Thun takes his patented transparent drain designs one step further by successfully creating an entire living space within the bath that visually achieves a poetic flow like water while in terms of actual engineering and plumbing, literally disappears with no underneath aspect discernable to the naked eye. Renowned publications such as Interior Design, Architectural Record and Metropolis have critically hailed the Invisible Bath concept designed by Rapsel as the first of its kind globally.

Matteo Thun’s designs for Rapsel have been celebrated as among the most visionary in the world of bath design. His Lavasca Mini in black matte Cristalpant produced with Rapsel in 2006 was inducted into the permanent contemporary design collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art this year.

According to European design curator, Dr. Kathryn Hiesinger, “The curatorial committee deigns Matteo Thun’s Lavasca Mini design and innovative use of new technology, material and organic spherical shape as paramount to Bernini’s boat fountain in Rome. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is thrilled to have this lovely tub in our permanent collection.”

Matteo Thun and Rapsel collaborate in an unprecedented manner to consistently combine art with inventive and functional design for the bath environment. The beauty of the pieces does not take away from their function. If anything, by having the pipes and drains disappear into the surrounding architecture improves the functionality of the entire room by leaving a larger open area free from bulky, unattractive elements, leaving only the clean, transparency that essentially creates an ‘invisible’ design.

Aldo Provini, CEO of Rapsel, has always been on the cutting edge of luxury plumbing design. Known for creating pieces that generate trends, Provini is more than just ahead of the curve—Provini curates the curve by identifying emerging global industrial designs and designers. His experience and reputation in the design world make his company, Rapsel, a first mover in the world of design.

Rapsel Melting Chic by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba won the prestigious Interior Design Best Product Award in 2007. The company’s designer and award roster reads as a Who’s Who in the pantheon of sanitary design, and continues to be the favorite in the international architecture community for vision, custom capabilities and innovative materials.

For more information, contact AF New York the North America distributor for Rapsel or visit http://www.rapsel.it. For product artwork or interviews, please contact GOTHAM PR at 212.352.2147.


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