New Shapes

We like to see new shapes and new forms popping up all over the New York landscape. The best design pushes our eye with new silhouettes. We like to think Rapsel does this kind of work with our products. New York Magazine‘s Justin Davidson highlights the architecture he’s excited about this fall, and all of them are progressive and new in some way. He asks interesting questions about these designs as well. About the new Cooper Union building at 41 Cooper square, designed by Thom Mayne of Morphosis, he asks “how smoothly will the building make the instant but sometimes treacherous transition from pristine sculpture to usable architecture?” We know, at Rapsel, that design can be both sculptural and functional. We believe that design should, in fact, be as thoughtfully and beautifully designed as it is utilitarian. We’re frankly excited to see students milling about a building as provocative as the new Cooper Union building.

Photo by Hannah Whitaker for New York Magazine.


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