RAPSEL, the innovative luxury sanitary company based in Milan, happily celebrates a win for the ARNE bath, a design by husband and wife design duo SODA for Rapsel. The ARNE has won the 2009 ADOLF LOOS STAATSPREIS for best product in Austria, one of the most coveted design awards in Europe. An exhibition and catalog in Vienna will follow in the Fall. This competition takes place every 2 years only and seen as a national design prize in Austria.


SODA is husband and wife duo Nada Nasrallah & Christian Horner. Based in Austria, the ARNE bathtub is their second collaboration with Rapsel. The duo has worked across medium and style to build an eclectic but comprehensive design resume. Their past work with Rapsel, TAVOLINO limited edition portable newspaper-rack with integrated table, expressed an understanding of function and utilitarianism that is too often missing from design. Their other clients, like MDF Italia, Ligne-Roset, and WITTMANN, reinforce their impressive reputation..


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