Miami Modernism

Decorati’s Karin Edwards takes note of Rapsel’s designs at its exclusive Miami showroom, Avant Gallery:

“Indeed, “MiMo” (short for Miami Modernism) reverberates in a variety of ways. At Avant Gallery, we spied this tub by Rapsel whose sleek organic shape also recalls a classic, cozy wingchair . Called Arne, its high back is an homage to Arne Jacobsen’s legendary Egg Chair. Finished in an impeccably smooth, matte titanic resin, it was so alluring I actually slipped off my shoes to try it out. “

The Avant Gallery is a 5,000 square foot space in Miami that serves as Rapsel’s exclusive showroom for the Miami area. Carryinga number of Rapsel products, including the Vision washbasin, Cobra shower, and Lavasca mini bath from Matteo Thun, Avant Gallery is a curated space with some of Rapsel’s most innovative, dynamic products.


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