Guten tag, Welt

Rapsel’s timeless and inclusive design inspires attention around the world. Case in point, all the magazines in Germany  and elsewhere that put Rapsel in their pages month after month. Its a testament that Rapsel looks right in a myriad of contexts. Today we’ve added scans from German and English publications, including Hauser, Bader, and Elle Decor. Matteo Thun’s Lavasca, which has also just been installed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, is featured in Hauser; the Arne, by SODA, is in both Bader and Elle Decor, where it one an Elle Decor Design Award. Take notice that its featured in warm, homey environments in Hauser and a sleeker, futuristic one in Bader. Brava, or should we say Herzliche Glückwünsche and Congratulations! Go to our products page to see all the beautiful photos and scans from the issues.


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